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Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Car insurance is one of those things almost every person has to have but sometimes end up settling for higher premiums just to be done with the whole process. Even with all the great ways there are to save money on car insurance these days, many drivers simply take anything just to have insurance in place. The truth is that saving money on car insurance does not have to be confusing or time consuming, so there is no reason to settle for just any policy or rates.

Here are some of the best ways to prepare yourself as a consumer to save money on your next car insurance policy. All while still getting the coverage you want and need.

·      Do a periodic checkup on your rates - One of the biggest mistakes drivers make is getting into a relationship with an auto insurance provider and then staying with them, without ever considering if it is the right choice to make. While the initial premiums may have been the lowest around once, that does not necessarily hold true year after year. You should take the time each year to compare rates and make sure that what you have truly is still the best policy and premium rates available.

·      Use a car insurance calculator -- In order to know what you should be paying in the first place, you need to use a car insurance calculator. How else will you know what sort of premium rates you should be paying? If you do not first use a calculator, no matter what an insurance company quotes you it may sound “good enough.” Be an informed consumer so you can make the best decision possible. By using this free and valuable tool, you can have the upper hand already when talking with potential carriers for your insurance needs. You can find a calculator if you click here.

·       Take advantage of comparable rate quotes -- When you shop for almost anything you first like to get an idea of what is available and what the different costs are. Car insurance should be no different. By using a system designed to show you options for different rates, you can get an idea of what the best price is for the coverage you want. Too many drivers assume there will not be that big a difference in premium costs from one company to another, but you would be surprised.

·       Give short term automobile insurance a try -- Short term car insurance is something the average driver still is not really aware of. Even if they know it exists, they may not be aware of how it could help them save money on insurance long term. There are many reasons why you would need it. While it would be more expensive to keep the rates short term insurance offers over a long period of time, you can use it to cover gaps while you shop around for the best long term policy prices. People often settle for higher rates just because they need a policy in place. Picking up short terms car insurance enables you to have coverage while still shopping for something that will end up cheaper on a long term basis. Plus it can give you coverage for short term events so you don’t pay for more insurance than you need if you only need temporary coverage.

·      Know your milestones -- If you slack on getting a regular rate checkup for car insurance prices, you should at least be aware of milestones in your life that make good opportunities to shop around. Some of these milestones are turning 25, getting married, joining the military or even passing the three year mark on a blemish on your driving record such as a ticket or accident. Shop around for rates following any of these events so you can find which company offers the cheapest prices for your current situation.

·       Do not take your old rates with you when you move -- Anytime you move is another opportunity to do a checkup on your car insurance rates. This may seem obvious when moving out of state but really you need to check even if you change zip codes. Car insurance companies will “assume” you want the coverage you had in your previous address, especially if it means the rates will remain higher. You would be surprised how many companies do not make adjustments for a change of address and leave the policy holder overpaying because he or she assumed the carrier would make them aware of taking advantage of lower rates.

·       Know what you are comparing -- Company B has rates so low it should be criminal so you sign up. The problem is you did not realize those low rates were because they stuck you with a high deductible in order to keep the premiums looking appealing. Do not wait until you need to use your car insurance to find out how they were able to offer such a great deal. Those little surprises are not just annoying; they can be expensive and end up costing you more than other companies in the long run.

·       Get creative -- Your current policy costs X amount of dollars because you drive 75 miles to work. What if you took a train or carpooled and eliminated this drive? More than likely you would lower your rates. Look for ways to shave off even a few dollars here and there, and it will really begin to add up. For instance maybe there is a free driving safety course in your area that will help you also cut the costs of your premiums. When it comes time to buy a new or even used car find out how extra safety features can help you save money on your car insurance premiums. Look into combining or “bundling” your different types of insurance with the company you have your car insurance through to see if it will save you nay money.

This is just a sample of some of the great ways you could be saving money on your car insurance. Here are 10 more ways you can save. With a little research and by getting proactive about it you could be paying a lot less for your car insurance policy.